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125 Latinos killed by police this year

Though headlines refer to the “shocking” details of those killed by law enforcement in the past year, the sad

Ayotzinapa: The worst human rights tragedy

By Esther Yu-Hsi Lee

One year after 43 students went missing in Iguala

Top 6 important facts about the Latino vote

By Lizet Ocampo

On September 17, 1787— 228 years ago—the nation’s founders

Camino de Santiago inspires unified spirituality

By Silvio Sirias

One does not choose to walk the Camino de Santiago in

Rally for Indigenous, abolish Columbus Day

In what will amount to one of the Southwest region’s largest demonstrations for Indigenous rights in years, The Red Nation coalition is calling on all progressive people to march and rally against Columbus Day and for Indigenous Peoples’ Day of …
Posted On 08 Oct 2015

Farm workers win battle, pesticide protections

Last week, farm workers across the nation celebrated a big victory as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced protections against unsafe pesticide use for farm workers nationwide. The recent action by the Obama administration ended decades of exclusion for farm...
Posted On 08 Oct 2015

To fight inequality, support women in workforce

By Center for American Progress   Income inequality is a huge problem in the United States, which has one of the largest income gaps among industrialized nations. However, a new report and accompanying analysis from the Center for American...
Posted On 08 Oct 2015

Call for global separation of Church and State

Recently, the Secular Policy Institute (SPI), a think-tank and advocacy organization, readied another in a slew of recent Advocacy Campaigns in support of the freedom of speech and thought throughout the world. The current region in jeopardy? The National Congress...
Posted On 26 Sep 2015