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Leave No Man Behind

When you join the U.S. Marine Corps, you are taught to “leave no man behind.” I lived and breathed those words

In Solidarity, Mourning All Victims

Even as the police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling continue to stir outrage over lethal police

Parents of Color Demanding Inclusion

Students of color represent more than half of the United States’ public school population, but their parents are

High School Student Targeted By Immigration

A teenager swept up in a nationwide immigration raid in January is being required to pay a $30,000 bail bond in

New México Fracking Site Explosion

A massive fire at a fracking site in rural New México that scorched 36 oil storage tanks and prompted the evacuation of 55 residents burned throughout last week. The fire that started Jul 11th was “mostly out”, WPX Energy, …
Posted On 23 Jul 2016

End This Kind Of Senseless Violence

By President Barack Obama   As all of you know now, three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge were killed in the line of duty on July 17th. Three others were wounded. One is still in critical condition.…
Posted On 23 Jul 2016

Pride and Progress on Workplace Inclusion

We at the Labor Department are proud to share what we’re doing to advance LGBT equality in the workplace and around the world. Equality in the workplace is becoming the law of the land in many countries, and in particular, …
Posted On 23 Jul 2016

In wake of Cáceres murder, dam funders pull out

One day after a Honduran judge charged four suspects in the murder of renowned activist Berta Cáceres—including one executive of the Honduran company DESA, a developer of the Agua Zarca dam Cáceres opposed so passionately—European financiers said they “seek to …
Posted On 15 May 2016

Not Just Climate Change, Poverty Deniers too

Recently, I joined C-SPAN’s Washington Journal for a discussion on the House GOP poverty plan released in June.

My conservative counterpart on the show—Robert Rector of the right-wing Heritage Foundation—made his views on poverty clear early on in the...

Posted On 23 Jul 2016

EPA Must Ban These Dangerous Pesticides

The EPA is reviewing the health risks associated with another group of pesticides. And it has found the same thing yet again: Whenever organophosphates are sprayed in the air, they can cause both immediate and long-term health harms to farmworkers, …

Posted On 11 Jul 2016

A Humanitarian Crisis in Our Hands

Those four Supreme Court justices showed no mercy on June 23rd by ruling against President Obama’s executive orders on immigration and aggravating a national tragedy that impacts millions of people.
Justices John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Anthony Kennedy and...

Posted On 08 Jul 2016

Ready For 100 National Tour Promotes Clean Energy

The Sierra Club kicked off a nine-city “aerial art” national tour on June 23rd, as thousands of people gathered at the AREDAY Summit and hundreds formed a huge “human sun,” spelling out a bold message with their bodies …

Posted On 02 Jul 2016