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Pushing for criminal justice reform together

By Máximo Anguiano

Last week, as President Barack Obama commuted sentences for 46

BSEEDZ speaks out for people of color

By Donaciano Martínez


“Did you hear Denver’s Pride Parade was disrupted?” That

Undocumented building Trump hotel

It turns out the same immigrants that GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump has spent the last three weeks

Our tears come in two languages

The tears in that Spanish-speaking bible study Wednesday after Wednesday would be a part of the long process of

National News

What President Obama didn’t hear or smell at ...

By Carl Takei   From several years of touring prisons, I’ve learned they all have a distinctive and oddly similar smell: sweat, human misery, and grime — sometimes overlain, but never hidden, by the acrid odors of chlorine and other …
Posted On 24 Jul 2015


Making a career as a Latino outdoor trailblazer

As Latinos continue to grow demographically, we are reaching new heights not only outdoors but also indoors. In her Study, Taylor (2004), stated that “ethnic minorities are severely underrepresented in the environmental workforce”. This quote can serve as a statement...
Posted On 12 Jun 2015


Climate change: An issue of great moral urgency

Panic mode has been declared among the world’s climate change deniers. Papal Encyclical “Laudato Si” (Praised Be to You) about climate change has just caused the collapse of the house of cards sustaining the arguments of the Flat Earth Society.…
Posted On 25 Jun 2015


Progressive lawmakers push for $15 nationwide

By Deirdre Fulton   “We are here today to send a very loud and a very clear message to the United States Congress, the President of the United States, and corporate America,” Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders
Posted On 24 Jul 2015